Why PT?

“My back hurts when I bend over”…”I get pain in my elbow when I grab a jug of milk”…”My hand goes numb when I sit for too long”…”I can’t walk up and down my stairs in the morning.”  If any of these statements sound familiar, you would likely benefit from physical therapy.  Physical therapy is a non-invasive form of treatment that can help you overcome the aches and pains that keep you from performing your daily activities without pain.

Harvard professor Elliott M. Antman, M.D. stated in the Journal of the American Heart Association: “We advise physicians to start with non-pharmacologic treatments such as physical therapy and exercise, weight loss to reduce stress on joints, and heat or cold therapy.”

Physical Therapists are highly skilled, highly educated practitioners who use evidence and research based treatment techniques to address the impairments that cause pain.  A physical therapist will evaluate your specific condition; develop a unique treatment plan to address your specific impairments; implement the treatment plan via hands-on techniques, specific therapeutic exercises, and modalities to control pain and inflammation; consult with your physician as needed to discuss your care; and determine when you are safe and ready for discharge.